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Join us at the Moffat Astronomy Club


In 2016, Moffat became the first town in Britain to be awarded the status of Dark Sky Town, so if you are interested in Astronomy and viewing the night sky, there are fewer better places.

You will be able to do some practical astronomy using the club's telescopes, or to take part in some of our discussion evenings when we invite a guest speaker, or generally to become involved in our project to promote Moffat's status as a dark sky town. A new feature from 2021 will be to help with running the new Community Observatory.

Our current membership fee is £20 pa and this is renewed on October 1st annually. If you join mid season please see the table below to determine what your fee would be for the first year.

You can download a copy of our application form by clicking on this link for a pdf hard copy to complete and return (c/o Oakfell, Sidmount Ave, Moffat, DG10 9BS), cheques payable to Moffat Astronomy Club, or a docx version to return electronically from this link and send to this email address and pay via PayPal. by clicking on the "Pay Joining Fee" button below. If you pay electronically can you send a message via this link  - Contact - to confirm.

How to Join: Get Involved
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How to Join: Image
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