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Observatory Location  (Behind Moffat Academy)

Take the left hand branch of the High Street in Moffat and go down the hill past the graveyard on the left and towards Brodie's Restaurant.

You will find yourself in "The Holm" and bear left along this road which is also the A708 towards Selkirk. Keep going past the School and then the Rugby Park then turn first right now going south along the Old Carlisle Road. 

After 200m or so, take the second road on the right. This is rough surfaced but after about a further 100 metres you will see a small car park and you can park there. 

In front of you there is a sheep field and a path connecting the gate to the field and the observatory, which can be seen about another 100 metres further on. The map adjacent can be expanded by right clicking and selecting open in a new window.

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Our services are focused on providing  viewing or photographing of the night sky through our 16 inch Meade telescope. Generally viewing sessions will be supervised or supported by a member of the Moffat Astronomy Club. 

Bear in mind that the night sky changes continuously and astronomical objects are seasonal with different rising and setting times. Therefore it is possible that the object you most want to see will not be visible at the time of your visit, but rest assured that you will have the opportunity to see the best placed objects at the date and time of your visit.

Astronomy mostly takes place in the winter months and our observatory will be open to visitors from at least the change of clocks in the Autumn until the Spring change, and potentially for special events outwith that period. Keep your eye on our web site for updates.

The services at the observatory will be tailored to take account of the Covid 19 pandemic and government guidance at the time. 


To reach the observatory and observatory car park, you will have to drive past a number of private dwellings on the Old Carlisle Road. Please be considerate to the owners particularly if your visit is later in the evening.

Our observatory has a path linking the car a park, but does run through a sheep field. Please make sure that the field gate is secured at all times.


Try to arrive 10 minutes early from your booked time and wait in the car park area. A member of the Moffat Astronomy Club will meet you or your party there and accompany you along the path to the observatory.

It will be dark and torches will be used to find the way so please be careful when making your way from the car park to the observatory.


The observatory is necessarliy unheated and completely open to the elements during operation. You should make sure that you wear suitably warm clothing.


The observatory entrance is ramped but our telescope turret has 3 steps and would not be suitable for wheelchair access.  If you are a wheelchair user, please leave a note on your event booking so the staff member present on the evening is aware of your requirements. The car park is approximately 100 metres from the observatory. Our intention for wheelchair users is eventually to link our telescope eyepiece to a computer in the main building space, but initially to set up a telescope on our verandah area which can be set at a suitable viewing height.


The observatory is happy to permit assistance dogs/guide dogs on to the site, but regret that no other pets are allowed at the observatory


There are no toilet facilities on site.


Please be aware that we allow visitors to record film and take photographs throughout their visits and these may be posted on social media.


Our bookings are for one party per session. The lead visitor will be responsible for making all members of the party aware of the arrangements for their visit as detailed on our web site.

Children of ages 6 to 15 are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. 

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